Here are only a small collection of what people have said about me.  Kind of makes you feel pretty good.

Moomba Festival Logo 2013

Sue Broadway | Moomba Parade Director
“I am writing on behalf of the Moomba Parade Team to thank you so much for your fantastic contribution on Monday.  It was terrific to have you involved.

I heard from my spys that you delivered a great performance, and I am only sorry I was too busy to see it up close. I did watch you from afar and it looked great. At least I got to see your fab costume.

We have had nothing but positive responses from participants, attendees, television viewers and media.

I am also passing on a  big thanks to you from the production team for helping to make the event run smoothly and on time (in such heat! )  with excellent results. Amazing work!


Very best wishes”

Swinburne University of Technology LogoNancy Seeger | Reference Librarian Information Resources | Swinburne University of Technology
“It was a stand-out performance. We have a bit of difficulty here, in that we don’t usually have large crowds or students amassed in one place. Scott was perfect, and reached the majority of students on campus.

“We loved him. He was superb, I guess mostly because he is a great communicator. He wrestled that bike in and out and between awkward groups, in the canteen, staff lounge, outdoors…..interacted with all. His skill on the BMX was a positive crowd pleaser, but he had the punters involved before he started riding around.”

San Francisco Chronicle LogoRobert Hurwitt, Chronicle Theater Critic [Berkeley, CA]
“Deft accordionist Svetlana Bunic emerges from the bandstand to play toreador (and toreador melodies) to the bull of brawny Scott Hone, who charges her as he executes slick balancing feats on a small bicycle.“Hone turns out to be a surprisingly skillful juggler as well, combining graceful crystal ball manipulation with a daffily clumsy drag ballerina act.”

The Age LogoHilary Crampton. The Age. [Melbourne]
“There is subtlety in play also. Hone appears in a skimpy tutu plus plaid shirt then performs an exquisitely delicate juggling act with translucent blue balls. The contrast between big, daggy bloke and enchantment both intrigues and amuses.”

Australian Stage Logo

Amanda Tyler. Australian Stage. [Perth]
“Acrobat, BMX trickster and random clown Scott Hone had a massive surprise for us. Contact Juggling! He had this reviewer gob smacked – after researching the art as a child many years ago I had still never seen it actually done, until now.”

The West Australian LogoPier Leach. The West Australian. [Perth]
“There is no mistaking where they’re from when the mullet-haired, check-shirted BMX bandit Scott Hone takes to the stage. Watching him mock bullfight with piano-accordionist Svetlana Bunic and pile nine performers on to his moving bike, it seems so odd to read that he used to be an orange juice salesman and taught high school maths.

“And it is even more of a surprise when such a chunky chap reappears in a tutu, balancing and rolling sparkling balls on his arms with a completely unexpected grace. He’s found his niche with Circus Oz.”

Perry Bros. Circus LogoRobert Perry. Perry Bros. Circus. [Adelaide]
“The best bicycle act that I have ever seen … I have been all over the world and have seen a lot of shows. And many bicycle acts. Yours is, by far, the best. And I mean that.”

The Guardian LogoJudith Mackrell. The Guardian.  [London]
“Stunt cyclist Scott Hone performs a rapt duet with violinist Suzanne Simpson they hush the entire crowd.”