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The Peacock.

The most elegant finish to a Circus Oz show that I have ever been in.  It left the audience silent.  I remember in the Royal Festival Hall in London, after everyone had jumped off, I finished the circle and stepped off the bike.  Everybody turned to face the audience. — and there was silence.  An audience member broke the silence with one word.  “Magic.”  And then the 2,500 seat venue erupted with applause.  Wow.


The inspiration here was simplicity.  A room with one light.  Tricks as I pass through the light.  Doing tricks constrained within the light.  And doing the tricks that I love to do.  Twirling.  On the front wheel.  On the back wheel.  I have to be careful in the theatres when spinning so much on the front wheel.  In practise I sometimes stop twirling and just fall over because I am so dizzy.

This is my B.M.X act.  Some of the places that I have performed it with Circus Oz are: in a soccer field in Newman, remote W.A.; the Sydney Opera House; Broadway, New York City; and in London’s Royal Festival Hall.

So many people have said to me or to other people that has since found its way back to me — that this is by far their favourite act in the Circus Oz show.  One quote in particular stood out amongst the rest:

A big thanks to Circus Oz, and in particular: Tim Coldwell, Deb Pope, Laurel Frank, Suzanne Simpson, Matt Wilson, Joel Salom, and of course, Svetlana Bunic — all of whom had a vital role in making this act what it currently is.

My crystal ball/ballet act.  I have worked incredibly hard to make sure that I am the most beautiful, elegant, and graceful ballerina that you have ever seen.  With no formal background in dance, a lot of people said that I would not be able to do such a thing and that this would not be possible -- that is -- combine the elegance of world class contact juggling with the beauty and grace of ballet.  I feel that I have succeeded, and, that the world is now a better place because of my dancing.

I had the opportunity whilst in Wellington, N.Z. to share my knowledge of dance with the principle dancers, as well hang out with the creative director and the choreographer of the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company.  I was not shocked at their appraisal after they had seen the act.  They made sure that all of their students came to the show, if not just to see this act.

Thank you to John O’Hagan and Godfrey Sim from CircoArts in Christchurch N.Z.


"The best bicycle act that I have ever seen ... I have been all over the world and have seen alot of shows. And many bicycle acts. Yours is, by far, the best. And I mean that."

— Robert Perry. Perry Bros. Circus. [Adelaide -- March 2006]