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“I loved it how you did that spin and how you went around”—Maddy, 7

“That was SO cool!”—Thomas, 8
“You’re AWESOME!”—Jack, 7

I perform a half hour show that is fun, entertaining, engaging, and educational.

I seamlessly combine my BMX trick bike skills with the 5 key areas of the “You can do it!” schools programme.  Namely,

  1. confidence;

  2. persistence;

  3. organisation;

  4. getting along; and

  5. resilience.

Also, I am able to tailor the show to suit any programme that your school may launch.

I am fully insured and I pride myself on my professionalism.  I present a unique performance that will engage and inspire children of all ages.  you are assured or the very best in bicycle entertainment in the country.

— SH

“That was fantastic.  We couldn’t have had anything more perfect.”—Judy, 48