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A fair-dinkum typical real Aussie bloke.

A crowd favourite, Skull talks the universal language of funny.

The kids love his BMX stunts.  The Mums love his muscly hairy legs.  That Dads love talking to a real bloke about power tools and the footy.

Skull is an extremely watch-able and like-able Aussie Larrikin who is phenomenally good at riding a bicycle.  Just ask Jessica (8), Thomas (6), Daniel (13), and Sharon (34).


Aussie Larrikin Bogan

A Thing of Beauty

Bernard.  A real Aussie Life Saver.

Photo by Steve Davidson

Who’d have thought a mullet would be so popular?

Perfect for: Roving, Stage Act, Sporting events, and Street Parades.

“I laughed so much that tears were streaming down my face and I couldn’t see.”  —Jason, 38, San Francisco.

Ballet Skull leaves every audience wanting more.

A fine stage act where Skull takes ballet to the next level.  With leopard-like agility and Swan-like elegance, Skull leaps across the stage whilst rolling magical crystal balls around his body.

Bordering on ridiculous, this act is a HUGE crowd pleaser.

With those big hairy legs, it’s no wonder the ladies can’t keep their eyes off him.

Perfect for the stage.

Very Cool

Attracting a lot of attention from the crowd — lots of Cheering, whistling, and plenty of high-5s.

Sporty Skull twists, spins, rolls and generally rides a bike in every way imaginable (as well as seemingly impossible!) creating mayhem amongst the crowd because, man, he is just so clever.

Perfect for Sport Events, and Meet & Greet, Street Parades, Festivals, and Roving.

The Man Behind It All