BMX Birthday Parties

BMX Birthday Parties. Awesome!! —Melbourne (Australia) and surrounding areas.

Your kids will have the best party ever!

An interactive 30 minute BMX show with incredible spell-binding tricks such as:
Riding backwards on the front wheel;
Riding frontwards on the back wheel;
Riding frontwards on the front wheel backwards upside-down.  Is that even possible?
Culminating in the amazing impossible trick.

Immediately following the show is a 30 minute bicycle riding workshop.

Your children will learn important bicycle safety skills such as balancing, turning and cornering, and braking quickly and effectively.  Followed by more advanced cycling skills like riding slowly.  Looking over your shoulder while riding (practicing checking for cars).  And peddling while standing up.

Any open space with a smooth flat surface is suitable.  The bigger the better.  Basket ball or Tennis courts are good (make sure you have permission).

Helmets must be worn by all participants.


*A travel fee may be incurred.