Starlight Foundation Mega-sode

Starlight Foundation at the Royal Children's HospitalI did a spot for the Starlight Foundation today at the Royal Children’s Hospital.  I had a ball.  I got to meet all the Captains.  Captain Crunch, Captain Rocket, Captain Bounce and Captain Sparkle, just to name a few.

The Royal Children’s Hospital was launching Starlight TV.

Starlight TV is a very special closed-circuit paediatric television channel available to all the children in the Royal Childrens Hospital. Starlight TV broadcasts a live program, run from the Starlight Express Room and featuring Captain Starlight as its host twice a day.

A primary feature of the closed-circuit paediatric TV program is that children are an integral part of the experience through providing messages, materials and questions, or interviews, and/or co-hosting the programs.

To officially launch our amazing Starlight TV, we are going to broadcast a 6 hour continuous episode of fun across the entire hospital. With live crosses, special guests and Captains interviews, this six hour launch is the ideal way to celebrate Starlight brightening the lives of thousands of children in the comfort of their own bed.


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