Full Cream Circus, Hoopla Festival, Darling Harbour, Sydney

I have been working with some friends and performing a show called Full Cream Circus.  The show debut was in the Melba Speigel Tent in January 2012 as a part of the Summafun Festival.  Since then we have taken it to the Tasmanian Circus Festival and more recently, Sydney’s Hoopla Festival in Darling Harbour.

We just finished a self promoted season at the Hoopla Festival in Sydney.  Man, what a HOOT!  We all had a ball.  Our performances sold out and the feedback that we received from the crowd was truly amazing.  We are still buzzing.

Here Sharon can be seen sitting on my shoulders as we rode around Darling Harbour handing out flyers to our show.

Choc-a-block full house.  840 eyes.  It was fantastic!

It was so exciting having a completely full house as our first show.  I grabbed my camera and did a quick panorama.


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